“The value of his presentation - to save a life, to prevent accidents - is, as they say in the ads, Priceless! Audemars Piguet replica- Eileen Drake, Plant Manager, Visteon Systems

   All of the resources we offer and will be offering are intended to do one thing. Help you help your people to work safe! They are all by design as part of a proven strategy to not only enhance the 'Hooked On Safety®' presentations, but to keep the main points of the presentations in the minds of attendees for months if not years after your meetings are over.
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Participant's Handbook

A must for all attendees in your presentation. It contains in 8 chapters the highlights of "Hooked On Safety™!" Those points you want them to walk away with! It contains pages for notes and their own ideas to bring about an 'accident free workplace'.

Placing this in the hands of every one attending significantly increases the overall impact of the presentation. It also makes a huge difference on the home front as other family members read and take to heart the contents.

If your serious about changing your safety culture then this is a great investment in that development! 

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