“I believe you have reached us and changed us for the better. I highly recommend your presentation to anyone who wants to change their safety culture and attitude on a large scale replica watches. ” - Joseph R. Posusney, Safety Director, Merck & Company, Inc.

   All of the resources we offer and will be offering are intended to do one thing. Help you help your people to work safe! They are all by design as part of a proven strategy to not only enhance the 'Hooked On Safety®' presentations, but to keep the main points of the presentations in the minds of attendees for months if not years after your meetings are over.
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#PO5 Changed Attitudes Produce Safety!

5 Postcards / Mini Posters

For inner-office notes, sending that 'pat on the back' to the one doing it safe or a quick thank you, our postcards are just the thing. Let them know your you're always safety minded! 

Keep the 'Hooked On Safety™' message alive and fresh long after the meeting!
Each postcard is specifically designed around the main points of the presentation.

All postcards are full color glossy fronts, blank backs, 4" x 6" in size.



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